I'm hammering at the non-fiction freelance writing wall, breaking it down to make way for romance writing.  I love history, especially the Middle Ages, Tudor England, and the Regency era, although writing a contemporary romance is something I'd like to try, too. A completed novel sits in a box on a shelf waiting for the red pen to do its work and turn it into a semi-readable manuscript. 

Several works in progress sit on my desktop and I might WILL submit the completed manuscripts to publishers.

I am mother to two, mimi to one, and wife to none. One kitty, Miss Adventure, roams the house and keeps Winston Churchill, a miniature poodle, in line. 
Rural Ohio is my home where I write at my farm table turned
desk in front of a window that overlooks a curving road next to the woods, but oh how I long to be seaside.

"Do all things with love."
                                                       ~ Og Mandino