Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Addiction, Fascination, & Henri Boutet's Femmes

I here by declare myself quite mad with delight even though I am addicted.  Yes, I need a 12 step program for my history addiction that has spilled over on to Pinterest.  Downloading images, ebooks, and other fun and exciting historical finds loaded my hard drive, but through Pinterest I can save all the magic in one location.  The problem is this fascination with the 18th and 19th centuries along with my penchant for all things Tudor eats up time, if I'm not careful.

Just this morning I became so caught up in one of my favorite topics, the street cries of vendors, that I pinned 27 images from the British Museum.  The strawberry vendor crying out "Ripe strawberries" was one of my favorites.  The small elongated baskets filled with strawberries would make such a charming image. It looks to me like she's carrying her lunch on  top of her head.  
Moving along...let's finish up Henri Boutet's Les Modes Feminines du XIX Siecle from the Regency period.   The following images are from Boutet's rendition of fashion from 1811 to 1820. Do you see a sort of Edwardian slant to the lovely ladies?

Boutet created 100 images in all.  I've selected just the ones that would fall into the Regency time period.  Regency fashion is my absolute favorite.  The simple forms of empire waists and smooth skirts with out all the hoops, bell-shapes, and bustles of other times catches my eye.  Although the designs are simplistic the details are often fetching, exquisite, and fine. 

The New York Public Library Digital Gallery did not have all the images, but you can find a complete book, Les Modes Feminine du XIX siecle on the Haithi Trust Digital Library.  The original is from the University of California.

Just a reminder:  All the links are also on the Research & Resources page, too.


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