Friday, August 26, 2011

A Romantic Journey

I've been on a journey to places only I know and now I'd love it if you'd join me.  After years of writing about everything from how to get pet pee off the carpet to zen gardens, I'm taking the plunge into the fresh waters of creative writing.  My writer's voice lends itself to romantic stories and perhaps that's because I'm a romantic soul.  Yes, I believe there's love out there in all shapes, sizes, colors, patterns, and textures. 

You, dear reader, can expect to find all manner of romance.  Maybe one day it will be a romantic recipe and the next a tale of unrequited love.  I do know this...a blog, MY blog about romance is ready to burst into passionate flames and I so want you to join me.  Put away your cynacism, lay aside your disbelief, and for just a while believe...believe that love encompasses us in strange and wonderful fogs that swirl in and out of our lives. 

I must take care of some business.  I knew I wanted to start Isabella's blog and I knew I wanted it to be dreamy and of course, romantic.  I searched far and wide across the vast Internet landscape until I came upon two good fairies of enchanting backgrounds.  Thank you to Elegia's Background Garden for this hauntingly beautiful background, but before I found Elegia I stumbled upon Cute n Cool Blog Stuff.  itKuPiLLi creates amazing art and she too offers free backgrounds.  I have my eye on one of hers for future possibilities.  So if you have a moment, stop by, take a peek, and be prepared to be delighted.

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